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The grass is always perfectly trimmed and neat thanks to the hard work and dedication of these dependable gardeners.

  • Daniel Robin

I am beyond thrilled with the results of hiring Lawn Care Service Wimbledon. Their dedicated team of gardeners did a spectacular job on my lawn, ensuring it was perfectly manicured while also taking care of any necessary maintenance.

  • Kelsey J.

Every time I step into my outdoor space, I am reminded of the exceptional work done by Lawn Care Service Wimbledon's reliable and expert gardeners.

  • Jaxon

To say I am satisfied with their service would be an understatement. My lawn always looks impeccable and professionally maintained thanks to them. Reliable and always on time, they are the best option for lawn care.

  • Lily R.

Swiftly secured quotes and shared valuable insights on landscaping professionals. Wimbledon Gardeners did an exceptional job once again.Went above and beyond my expectations and I will definitely remain a loyal customer.

  • Juliet A.

Exceptionally cordial and helpful yet again, produced amazing results without exception, arranged for regular services to be provided by them.

  • Maggie V.

Incredibly cordial and helpful, achieved an impressive result, set up appointments for repeat tasks.

  • Jack

Admirable, arrived on time just like they committed to do so, excellent pre-booking communication. Grateful for how it turned out and secured a monthly pruning service.

  • Randy D

Remarkable, came when promised by the gardeners, excellent communication prior to booking. Content with the final outcome and locked in a monthly pruning service.

  • Ginny Adams

Thoughtful and genuine, this professional takes great care in strategizing for a fantastic end result for the project. Their level of service is unmatched and I highly encourage others to seek out their assistance.

  • Billy Walsh

We couldn't be happier with how the first phase of our project turned out; it's beyond what we could have imagined.

  • Shania Headley

They exceeded our expectations in every aspect, from the quality of work to their outstanding customer service.

  • Andrew Y.

Their outstanding performance met our high standards and caused least possible disturbance during the entire process.

  • Jasmine A.

We were highly impressed by their exemplary services which were delivered on schedule, causing least possible disruption.

  • Katherine S.

My lawn has never looked better thanks to this amazing experience - it's now a showstopper! The gardeners were efficient and reliable, and the price was very affordable.

  • Ted Kinder

What a fantastic job these gardeners did on my lawn - it looks incredible now! Not only were they efficient and reliable, but the price was also very reasonable.

  • Doug J

Superior communication for a fair investment.

  • Pippa N.

This is hands down the best gardening service I have ever used - from start to finish, everything was exceptional.

  • Lawrence Beach

My yard has never looked better thanks to the amazing work of this top-notch gardening service.

  • W. Lee

I would confidently recommend this dedicated and hardworking gardening team to anyone.

  • L. Nolan

Exceptional gardening work that won't break the bank but will still leave you satisfied.The entire transaction went seamlessly with excellent communication every step of the way.

  • A. McCoy

This surpassed my expectations, finished expertly and efficiently too. All round perfection!

  • Meredith

Everything went well with the service, the gardener had a friendly attitude and provided a great helping hand. The work was top-notch.

  • Jay M.

Our new composite decking is outstanding - high quality job done!

  • Ira D.

The expertise of our gardening team in transforming our outdoor space is truly unparalleled - their commitment to perfection was evident from drafting ideas through to its completion With acres of space now available for sitting and even more options for planting flowers, what more could you want?

  • Ed Miguel

An admirable set of genial, straightforward and respectful staff members who take intense delight in what they do.

  • Gavin Hemworth

Full credit goes to all members of the group who have accomplished this tremendous task of creating this gorgeous looking wild flower garden. Everyone involved was amicable, committed and enlightened us with crucial information.

  • Alicia Smith

I was in desperate need of assistance and Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon answered my call with their fantastic garden care abilities. In no time at all, they had brought my yard back to life.

  • Chelsea L.

Going with Wimbledon Gardeners for helping maintain our yard proved to be a very cost effective decision - their workers showed up instantly and we had no issue paying for such quality at a low rate!

  • Mark

Thoroughly impressed with the amazing work by GardenersWimbledon on this project - beautiful craftsmanship that exceeded my expectations plus detailed attention given to everything - no problems whatsoever here at all! Transformed our garden into something really special - thanks a million!

  • T. Smith

For the past two years, the gardeners have done care to our compound, which has never looked healthier. They do an amazing job of keeping the area around our house clean!

  • Garrett

Best garden care company I've used. I will be using Lawn Care Service Wimbledon from now on.

  • Gavin Heath

A friend suggested Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon when I was looking for a landscaping company. She was spot on, they are terrific. Top-notch gardeners.

  • Rachel W.

I was very impressed with their garden care service and will definitely use Wimbledon Gardeners again. Exceptional work from everyone involved.

  • Paul S.

I had Wimbledon Gardening Companies come around to tidy my patio and do other garden maintenance tasks. The service was cheap and the team were a pleasure to deal with. All in all, it was a great service.

  • M. Little

My garden was in desperate need of some TLC, and I hired their garden care team to do just that. Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon totally uplifted the appearance of my garden. Now I can't stop showing it off to friends and family. My garden is the envy of my neighbours.

  • Dan W.

I will certainly be using Lawn Care Service Wimbledon again and will be recommending their gardening services to others. They didn't let me down and I'm sure they won't let others down either.

  • K. Bischoff

I've been receiving non-stop compliments about the state of my garden. It's the envy of all my neighbours, and it's all thanks to their landscape gardeners. Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon employ some special staff!

  • J. Jones

Brilliant! I really cannot hep enough praise on Wimbledon Gardeners for the landscaping work they did last week. We got an incredible deal and were very impressed with how hard the staff worked. I am now a customer for life!

  • P. Withe

Gardening is for some of us, but not all. If I need anything done in my garden, I use GardenersWimbledon. Great work crew, no hassle.

  • Benjamin Ford

I didn't know how to go about looking after my garden. There were lots of chores to do and I didn't know how to do them all. It also took a lot of time to handle things, so I either had to spend many hours on the work or rush through things. This all changed when I discovered Lawn Care Service Wimbledon though because I've now turned the job over to them. I have an expert crew taking care of the garden maintenance and this makes my garden look great and gives me extra free time.

  • Ashley Rivers

Wimbledon Gardeners trimmed my hedges, trees and bushes for a really good price. I have a tight budget but thanks to a special offer I managed to save even more. The service was really good and excellent value for money. My trees are trimmed properly and I didn't need to lift a finger - thanks!

  • Vivienne

The gardeners at GardenersWimbledon are second to none. Not only do they go above and beyond for you but they also complete everything on time and within budget. We had unforeseen complications with a job but they didn't mind and made sure everything was rectified before they went home that day. A fantastic company that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

  • Andrea Shaw

Having specialists work on my lawn restoration and repair has made such a difference to my garden. I've been trying to sort my lawn for months with no results. Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon have fixed the issues with just a few visits. I can't believe how great a service this is. I would fully recommend giving it a go!

  • Rachel Ashton

I called Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon, worked with their garden landscaping experts and came up with some design ideas, after which I chose the one that would have the best possible outcome for the state of my garden. They guided me through the process and then got to work, completing everything in a timely, efficient manner. The project was completed to my exact specifications, and they left the site in immaculate condition, ready for me to start using right away.

  • M. Robinson

Wimbledon Gardeners did an excellent job of planting in my garden. To be honest, I don't have a clue about gardening and have never been green fingered so I thought it was wise to leave it to the professionals who A, knew what they were doing and B, had more time to do it. If I'd have done it, it would most likely have taken me hours and hours with little result. Hiring this company was a wise decision and I'm so happy I did because my garden now looks incredibly picturesque.

  • Katie Rogers

I wanted the patches in my grass to be restored and I knew Lawn Care Service Wimbledon could do that for me. Their gardener came and spread seeds and gave me advice that would help my lawn flourish again. Things started looking better after just a few days and before I knew it, my grass was looking complete and healthy again. Thanks for the help!

  • Harry Turner

I am amazed at Wimbledon Gardeners and their fantastic services. Who would imagine that you could get such good services for such an amazing price?! They offer a wide choice of gardening services and I can say firsthand that they are all brilliant services! I highly recommend them!

  • Anne Thomas

I like that Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon are a multi-service gardening company and actually do everything well and to a high standard. It made my life easier that I could utilise their services and hire their team to do all my gardening work in one afternoon. I don't have enough praise for what they actually managed to achieve because even I thought that booking them for one afternoon was too short a period for them to get everything sorted. But I was glad to be proven wrong and thrilled with the results!

  • Anna McCarthy

Only Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon could provide the patio clean I was looking for. I was eager to have my patio seen to and from what I had heard they were to the people to call. I was very impressed with their work and they came through for me, getting the job done in no time. My patio was cleaned fully, so there wasn't even a speck of dirt or mud from the garden. I don't know how they did it, but they did. They were excellent workers and a pleasure to have in my home. I can't rate them anything less than ten out of ten.

  • Maureen H.

I've had some really tough times with my previous gardener. So I was a bit concerned about calling in a new gardening company. On my colleague's recommendation, I called up GardenersWimbledon to get a quote for garden maintenance. I found them to be affordable and so handed them the project. It is nearly three months since they started maintaining my garden and I must admit that I made the right decision by hiring them. They are professional and punctual. My garden is now such a delight to be in!

  • Sonia K.

A brilliant service! I hired Garden Maintenance Service Wimbledon and their hedge trimming, and their garden maintenance services have been a blessing, as I never would have achieved such outstanding results on my own. The quality of service was exceptional, but was also cheap and cheerful which made their gardeners a pleasure to be around.

  • Anna R.

When my twins left home for university I decided to claim my garden back! I called Lawn Care Service Wimbledon and hired their garden design services to transform my outside area. For an unbelievable price I was stunned by the results. All my neighbours have asked who did my garden for me and I always tell them who best to call. For everything from grass cutting through to garden landscaping - they're completely brilliant.

  • Sallie A.

I have been a customer of Wimbledon Gardeners for several years for garden maintenance services. During this time the gardeners have done a variety of landscaping jobs for me too. Most recently, they erected and painted fence panels. Each task was completed on time and all mess cleared away at the end of the day. They also shared a number of useful tips. Unlike many other companies, they did not have any hidden extras to the quote that they had submitted. I have recommended their services to my neighbours and they have been very pleased with the results too.

  • P. Richardson

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